​​​​At Universal Flexible Packaging, we serve customers within the food and non-food industries including confectionery, snacks, nuts, pet food, healthcare, construction and amongst many others primarily in the UK.


The durability of flexible packaging protects foods from deterioration and increases shelf life. Barrier properties keep the contents clean, fresh, and safe for the intended shelf life. Some of the features in flexible packagings such as spouts, zip locks and resealable seals make life easier in some way for the buyer. At UFP we supply our customers high quality, easy to use and pack, various types of food packaging materials & pre-made pouches, including recyclable options.


We are proud to supply durable and environment friendly materials. Our commitment for sustainable packaging is valid for non-food sectors as well.

We provide various type of packaging materials for non-food industries. We supply standard and recyclable packaging material options for Home Care, Personal Care & Beauty, Industrial Products, Textile, Garden & Leisure and Medical sectors.