At Universal Flexibles, we are now able to offer recyclable film as part of our portfolio. Our recyclable film adds value to your product and its environmentally friendly impact makes it stand out to consumers.

Universal Flexibles is committed to reducing its environmental impact and to contributing to a greener future for generations to follow. This is why we have partnered with professional experts and researchers alike to make bio-based compostable materials and plastics to create a sustainable flexible packaging solution.

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The partners who work with us are developing the innovation required to make recyclable flexible packaging a viable option which we are able to provide to firms. All the recyclable films we have to offer remain at the same quality as our non-recyclable films that include transparency, sealing strength, printing and flexibility.

Manufacturers acquire bio-plastic innovations that meet all of their manufacturing requirements which shall enable them to adapt to their current packaging and production practices.

We can offer a variety of exclusive and patented flexible packaging options including resin, multiple film structures and laminates meaning that we can offer multiple solutions for our customers.

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