VFFS – Vertical Form Fill and Seal

We currently have 10 VFFS – Vertical Form Fill Seal – machines on site, allowing the fast sorting and packing of a range of product at any time.

These machines can automatically weigh, fill, seal, print, punch, tear notch and count in one integrated operation for maximum efficiency. In response to our customer’s needs, we are using machines that accommodate three sided sealing, four sided sealing and handle pillow bags with ease.

Our automatic VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) lines can handle free flowing, dry, ambient products with pack weights from 10g to 1kg in a variety of flexible film pack styles such as: Standard pillow packs, Skinny Packs, Gusseted pillow packs, Stabillo (Quad) packs, Block-bottom packs, Push-Pop Pack.

One of the VFFS machines have been accredited for the packing of Gluten-Free products under the AOECS Module 12 scheme (Association of European Coeliac Societies).

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