Tub/Box/Jar Lines

We have made a new investment in a semi-automated top-sealing machine for cups.

We can produce tubs with volumes that vary between 1.1 and 3 litres, all of which fit easily into our automated filling system. This allows efficient and cost effective packing, ideal for sharing confectionery or for pet treats. These tubs are a fun alternative to pouches and are particularly robust.

Tubs are one of the most flexible ways of storing and displaying larger volumes of product. Using colours and strong design identity, tubs make goods stand out. They also have the added benefit of a foldable handle for ease of strong and use.

Cartons and Tins follow suit but to a lesser degree. Ideal for a more presentable and on the shelf approach, both are useful for smaller products, or to fill a holster requirements for example a pot of noodles. being able to store multiple products into one storage device, is also a benefit with this format.

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