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Universal Flexible Packaging is one of the UK’s foremost contract packing providers and a global supplier of flexible film.

We are a dedicated one stop shop for customers in the food, snacks and confectionery markets and provide co-packaging for some of the UK’s key brands. At UFP we pack a variety different pack styles and we currently operate over 20 production lines.

We are also a specialist supplier of film and pre-made pouches for the food, pet food, healthcare and construction industries, amongst many others.

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We design, We print, We pack, We store, We deliver, 

From concept to creation

As a business platform we work with our brand owners and manufacturers to provide full service all the way from design, flexible packaging supply chain, packaging, processing and shipping out goods to the final retails.

We offer fast turnaround, guaranteed quality, state-of-the-art equipment and a standard of service that is second to none. Our co-packaging services are available for anything from a single small job to regular, large volume work for regular suppliers.

We design, We print, We pack, We store, We deliver.


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